Work Packages

BLUE REVOLUTION is organized in 5 work packages.


WP1 Coordination (led by D. Zeppilli/IFREMER and A. Benzinou/ENIB)

WP1 will provide high-quality management and coordination for the project consortium, ensuring timely delivery and adaptive strategies to guarantee success across WPs and tasks. The WP1 will constitute a scientific executive and an advisory board. Meeting regularly, these boards will provide expert feedback and guidance of the project. The advisory board will comprise representatives of different scientific domains, private companies, foundations, and other socio-economic actors, covering the different scientific and socio-economic priorities of BLUE REVOLUTION.


WP2 Sample imaging and post-processing (led by C. Borremans/IFREMER, C. de Vargas/SBR and P. Martinez Arbizu/Senckenberg)

WP2 leaders and BLUE REVOLUTION partners will work together with a 4-year-contract engineer dedicated part-time (shared with WP3) to adapt the “Quantitative 3D-imaging” method and build a reference training dataset focusing on the two most abundant groups (Copepoda and Nematoda) using a large set of 3D confocal images already available (collaboration with the Senckenberg Institute).


WP3 Automatic identification tool development (led by A. Benzinou and K. Nasreddine/ENIB)

WP3 will develop the automatic tools for the identification, and develop and train neural network techniques to optimize automated recognition of other benthic organism groups. Under the lead of A. Benzinou and K. Nasreddine this fundamental task will be assured by a dedicated team: a 2 year-contract Post-Doc, a PhD thesis and part-time of a 4-year contract engineer (shared with WP2).


WP4 Training the next generation of meiobenthologists (led by D. Zeppilli/IFREMER and J. Ingels/FSU)

The WP4 will assure the science/training program of BLUE REVOLUTION. The training will be conducted in the framework of dedicated workshops/summer schools during which the automated workflow and microscope classifier and follow-up analyses will be demonstrated and used in onboard/field/lab settings.


WP5 Outreach, communication and knowledge exchanges (led by S. Fuchs/IFREMER, J. Ingels/FSU and T.Hatin/Océanopolis)

The knowledge produced by the BLUE REVOLUTION project will be shared at different levels to a broad audience, including private and public stakeholders and the general public. The BLUE REVOLUTION research team comprise experts in communication, knowledge exchange, and outreach. An anthropological investigation on the species concepts will open the debate to society. Outreach initiatives alongside the project (museums, aquariums, new imagery exhibitions and public education, 3D films, school collaborations, etc..) will provide bases to reach the scientific community and the general public en masse. Part of outreach activities of this project will be dedicated to encouraging girls and young women to engage in a STEM career; promoting confidence in girls from an early age by showing them potential and breaking gender pre-conceptions.