Meiofauna – the ocean’s next frontier - Published in Euro Bioimaging (11/15/2022)

" Meiofauna are tiny marine organisms that range in size from 20 microns to 1 milimetre. They are present everywhere in the sea, from the shore to the deep ocean. They are an important part of the food web and a crucial link between micro- and macro- ecosystems. Nevertheless, to this day, very little is known about these creatures. Valentin Foulon, a research engineer in marine biology, is part of the Blue Revolution program that aims to develop a taxonomic identification protocol for meiofauna. But meiofauna are hard to observe – too large to observe with traditional microscopes and yet too small to see with the naked eye. So, Valentin contacted the Bretagne-Loire node of France-BioImaging, in Nantes, where a range of high-end microscopes are available in open access. We spoke to Valentin to find out if Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) light-sheet microscopy may literally shed light on this exciting new frontier in ocean sciences." Meiofauna – the ocean’s next frontier - Published in Euro Bioimaging (11/15/2022)

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