Researcher in School program

The BlueRev team, in partnership with Océanopolis, is setting up a new programme with a pilot class: Researcher at school - focus on meiofauna.

The aim of this programme is to introduce pupils to the meiofauna and also to introduce them to observation and research, as a scientist would do in his laboratory!

This year, the pupils of the Victoire Daubié, secondary school in Plouzané, have been chosen as the pilot class for this programme.
The class carries out sampling and observations thanks to a "MeioKit". This kit contains all the material needed to make sediment cores, to condition the samples until they are observed in class. During practical observation work, in science lessons, pupils and teacher use the binocular or miscroscopes available in class but also a microscope provided in the MeioKit: the Cuiosity !

Pupils have to look at the sediment and search for animals hidden among the grains of sand! And it's not that easy. Then, as a scientist would do, they have to list their results in a table and draw some conclusions, such as the absence or presence of different taxa, their abundance, and why not observe differences in results between 2 or 3 different samplings. Quite a program!

The BlueRev team helps them to familiarise themselves with the kit and to refine their observations!
In June, they will be able to make an assessment of their experience and present it during the Young Reporters of the Arts, Sciences and Environment days at Océanpolis.

This pilot class allows us to build and refine this programme, which then aims to be offered to several classes for the next school year!