Welcome to MeioScool 2023

Oh yes, meiofauna is cool!

Meiofauna is one of the fundamental components of benthic communities and is characterised by
high abundance and diversity, fast turnover rates and occupies a key position in the food web.
Meiofauna contains most of the known animal phyla and is certainly the most abundant and
diversified group in the world.

Since 2013 MeioScool's objective is to bring together several meiofaunal experts during regular
workshops and summer schools in order to:
1) Increase awareness of researchers, students and the general public to the fundamental role of
meiofauna in marine ecosystems from the coastal zone to abyssal depths.
2) Train students and researchers to the identification and description of meiofauna through several
complementary disciplines (taxonomy, ecology, molecular biology, microscopy, imaging, AI) and
stimulate a new generation of meiobenthologists.
The MeioScool summer school 2023 will last 5 days with conferences and sessions devoted to field
and laboratory work (sampling, extraction, identification of major meiofaunal taxonomic groups,
imaging, etc..).

This is a great pleasure for us inviting you to the MeioScool Summer School 2023, from 26 to 30 of
June 2023 in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) co-organized by Bluerevolution (Ifremer / ENIB) and
Universidad Complutense de Madrid. For the 10 th anniversary of MeioScool, the scientific and
organising committees will prepare you for an enjoyable meeting, full of surprises.
We hope to see you all in Palma in June 2023.

Daniela Zeppilli, Nuria Sanchez Santos and the organising committee